Without the help of several people the ‘Welcome to My Life!’Photovoice project would not have been possible. I therefore acknowledge with appreciation the financial support provided by Enablementthe NTI NLP FoundationBecause we Like it! and several committed friends and family members in the Netherlands. Also the mental support and confidence expressed by my friends, relatives and the NLP team was really valuable in a time of uncertainty and encouraged me in realizing the dream of giving people with disabilities a voice through photographs.

I thank especially Dr. Huib Cornielje, for suggesting the application of the Photovoice methodology as a means to gain insight in the daily lives of people with disabilities and assess their needs, and Dr. Anthony Kwaku Edusei for providing me the opportunity to do so. The Centre of Disability and Rehabilitation of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi made the project possible with generous logistic support.

Furthermore, I am grateful to the director of the Foundation Africa Next Door, Mr. Jonny Osei Kofi, for this involvement in the project and allowing me to use the contacts of his extensive network of persons with disabilities and disability patient organizations. I also like to mention Mr. Francis Amedor and Mr. Yaw Poku Attakora jnr. for the essential roles they have played during the project. A word of thanks also to Dr. Wim van Brakel for his supervision during the process and useful comments during the final phase of writing the final report and article for publication. Worth mentioning as well is the everlasting support of my loving parents Sjaak and Joke who, no matter what I do, support me and unremitting attention of my boyfriend Ron during the project and his indispensable help in realizing this website. 

Finally, above all, I would like to show appreciation to the project partipants from the Kumasi metropolis for their participation and commitment. You were great!